• Take control of meetings

    Ramblehook increases efficiency and productivity

  • Stop wandering off topic

    Ramblehook makes everyone accountable

  • Stay on-track and focused

    With Ramblehook you won't lose track of time

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From weekly project status meetings at work to board meetings and spontaneous meet ups with friends, Ramblehook is the ultimate time- keeper. Ramblehook solves the annoying problem of constant rambling and off-topic diversions that plague every meeting.


Cool things Ramblehook can do.

Save time

True meeting time management with a single swipe

Get feedback

Let meeting moderators know how things are going at any moment

Stay on topic

Set agendas and stick to them with easy-to-follow "next up" cues

My weekly team status meetings are flowing better than ever thanks to Ramblehook and my team members appreciate getting done with them earlier.

Richard Bollinger Menlo Park Software

It is so simple to use. I love this app. I use Ramblehook for all types of meetings, from teacher conferences and staff huddles to timed tests and lesson plans.

Alaina Feliks Teacher


A showcase of Ramblehook's various screens.


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