Current version: 1.0.1
Release date: 01/28/2014


  • What are the differences between the Free and Pro versions?
  • The Free version allows you to:
    - Participate in an unlimited number of meetings
    - Create and moderate one meeting

    The Pro version builds off of the Free version but also allows you to:
    - Create and moderate an unlimited number of meetings
    - Copy meetings (great for recurring meetings!)

  • I upgraded to Pro via the Free version. Why am I still in the Free version?
  • Great question! The Free and Pro versions are two separate applications. After you purchase the Pro version, exit the Free version and you should see an icon for the Pro version. You can keep or delete the Free version. At this time you will not be able to transfer your saved meeting from the Free version to the Pro version. We apologize for this inconvenience.

  • What do the feedback button icons mean?
  • feedback bar
    "Slow Down" - I'm not following you here; you are talking too fast.
    "Speed Up" - OK, I get it; please move along.

  • Why can't I pause a meeting or topic?
  • One of our philosophies behind the app is to provide an accurate representation of where time was spent and coversations rambled. In order to achieve this, allowing meetings or topics to be paused skews the overall meeting statistics.

  • Why do I have to manually advance to the next topic?
  • As a meeting moderator, we expect that they have control over the agenda and the overall meeting. We currently require manual advancing of topics in order for that control to occur and allow a topic to accurately represent the time spent if the discussion goes over the allotted time or better yet, finish early. In a future version we plan to add settings that will allow auto advancing of topics once the time for a topic has expired.

  • How do I make someone else a moderator?
  • To obtain the moderator code, open a meeting by clicking on the Start or Join buttons, and click on the lock icon in the lower right of the timer. A pop-up will appear with the meeting and moderator codes. Share those with whoever you wish to also have moderator status.

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